Bespoke training solutions for government, international institutions and individuals.

Sovereign Global Training is a specialist training and education provider that has been delivering first-class services with four areas of expertise:

bullet Maritime

bullet Security

bullet Medical

bullet Government

SG T was developed to improve industry standards and provide ‘added value’ to those that had taken the time to invest in their future. The same ethics applies when we design and deliver bespoke training solutions tailored to our government clients’ requirements.

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Press Releases

Press release 04/03/2021

Christophe Durand, after nearly 10 years as Sovereign Global managing director for maritime programs, has decided to leave our Group for a unique management position in one of the most important corporations of the Djibouti economy. Over these intense years, Christophe has built himself into...

Doraleh Oil Terminal (DOT) – Jetty Piling Clean

Djibouti – February 2021 Sovereign Global’s Commercial Diving Branch – SG SALVAGE – has been appointed to clean all 192 Subsea Jetty Piles supporting the Doraleh Oil Terminal (DOT) in Djibouti.   The Commercial Dive Team know this terminal well, having replaced all 454 anodes protecting...

Submarine Communications Cable Lay – Djibouti

Sovereign Global (SG) Djibouti and their Commercial Diving Branch – SG Salvage – have provided logistics, vessels and IMCA qualified commercial divers to assist with the laying of the DARE1 (Djibouti Africa Regional Express-1) submarine communications cable linking the coast of East Africa.  The 5,400-kilometer...

Coral Transplantation Project Completed in Djibouti

SG SALVAGE and their client, CREOCEAN, have completed a coral transplantation project in the Doraleh area of Djibouti (November 2019). SG SALVAGE were requested to help with this delicate environmental project after an environmental impact study revealed a substantial amount of coral was under threat from...