Press release 04/03/2021

Christophe Durand, after nearly 10 years as Sovereign Global managing director for maritime programs, has decided to leave our Group for a unique management position in one of the most important corporations of the Djibouti economy. Over these intense years, Christophe has built himself into a world class manager of complex multifaceted maritime programs in Africa and the Middle East. We thank him for his invaluable contribution to the success of Sovereign Global. We shall regret his professionalism as well as his day-to-day impeccable work ethic and calm humorous demeanor and wish him the outstanding success he deserves in his new position. 

Effective immediately, we have decided to nominate Minttu Lindahl as the new Sovereign Global managing director for maritime programs. We are delighted that Minttu has accepted the position and responsibility at a crucial juncture for the maritime future of the Group. Over the years since her arrival late 2014, all of us have been impressed by her rigor, dedication and utmost professionalism as Group fleet manager, notably in programs submitted to extreme human, technical and budgetary constraints such as in Angola and Nigeria. Acting over the years as Christophe’s deputy in all key maters, Minttu is the perfect continuity match to take over her new responsibilities in the management of our maritime programs, with her own touch. We wish her the very best in her new position.