MIRFAK’s basketball team make an impression in Angola, West Africa

Life at sea involves long, hard hours working around the clock, and it is important that every opportunity is taken by ship’s crews to recharge with rest and relaxation during port visits scheduled for bunkering and re-supply.

One of the ways the crew of Sovereign Global’s Offshore Patrol Vessel MIRFAK do this is by playing basketball, and they have started to make quite an impression in Angola, West Africa, where they operate year-round.

MIRFAK’s crew take a well-deserved break from a long stretch at sea in Angola, West Africa, to play basketball.

Coached by the ship’s Croatian Chief Engineer, Svetko Galesic, the crew’s intensive patrol responsibilities mean they are presently limited to recreational level inter-ship basketball, or playing against Angolan personnel they meet at the basketball court in Soyo, but in the future they have high hopes of reaching the NBA finals…

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… Succeed.